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Fine quality, hand crafted bamboo Shakuhachi. Exceptional flutes of Traditional Japanese style. Sunreed offers root Shakuhachis, non-root Shakuhachis, and Maple Shakuhachis, as well as a wide selection of unique Shakuhachis.

The Shakuhachi is a traditional Japanese end-blown bamboo flute. The Shakuhachi's history is steeped in myth and lore of Samurai warriors turned Bhuddist monks. Its secrets were locked in traditional contemplative societies for centuries until the Emperor brought this unique flute instrument into his court, and eventually the general public, in the 19th century. It was used by the monks of the Fuke sect of Zen Buddhism in the practice of suizen (blowing meditation).

Our Shakuhachi are tuned to traditional minor pentatonic scales, utilizing digital quartz tuners. The Shakuhachi’s rich, unique tonal quality is unlike that of side-blown bamboo flutes. Though more difficult to play, it is preferred by many because of its haunting tonality and meditative quality.

You can experience the quality of over 35 years of flutemaking in our traditional root, non-root bamboo, and maple hardwood shakuhachi (the latter is made in Japan.)  Be sure to look at our accessories, including flutebags, instructional books, CD's, and DVD's, and bindings for long term care of your flute.