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Native American Flute Music

Red Moon - Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai

Composer Peter Kater brings together a stellar cast of Native American musicians to create a dynamic recording that encompasses haunting flutes, soulful chants, and driving rhythms all framed within Kater's remarkable contemporary arrangements. Performed by a world class ensemble of musicians, this spirited recording gathers the sounds and music of diverse peoples into one unified and deeply inspired voice, as we all come together to chant,dance,live and love under one Red Moon.


In Beauty, We Return - the best of R. Carlos Nakai

Subtitled ""Twenty Years of Native American Music,"" this disc draws from the best of Grammy nominee R. Carlos Nakai's Native American flute recordings to show the range and versatility of his artistry. It includes solo flute work, collaborations with ethnic artists Nawang Khechog and the Wind Travelin' Band, jazz with the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet, duets with Grammy-winning flutist Paul Horn and Grammy-nominated guitarist William Eaton, and closes with a flute performance in a rich orchestral setting.

Ghost Dance Songs - The Red Shadow Singers

The Turtle Lodge is a facility of the Sagkeeng First Nation in Manitoba, Canada. It was built by volunteers and is a place where people of all cultures can come to learn, heal, and reconnect with the earth. It was built with the vision of an Anishinabe (Ojibwe) elder and serves as a gathering place for peer leadership and mentoring programs for youth. The Turtle Lodge offers these sacred songs for ceremonial purposes. Two songs are shared by other Canadian tribes, the Miq Maq from eastern Canada and the Napish from Eagle Lake First Nation. They are healing prayer songs received through fasting and ceremony and are not intended for competitive singing. The songs are done in honor and respect for guidance given by ancestors. Appropriate for sweat lodge ceremonies.


Stone's Song - Robert Turgeon

Robert's words..." I am haunted by memories of the Sundance Drum. Leaving one world and entering another - forever burned into the essence of my life. The Sundance Drum is a heartbeat - the sound of a living culter. Visions of sacrifice - life present and past; have been etched and painted into stone, memories that have been recorded for our children and grandchildren. Spirit songs that have been recorded in pictures - forever - preserving the Sacred. "Stone Song" is my tribute t these historians. My breath - a voice passed to you through a vision. Stone Song is a key to our past; and a doorway to a new beginning. Leave your preconceptions behind...and walk a bridge between two worlds."


Shaman's Journey - Robert Turgeon

It has been said that the natural and supernatural worlds are inseparable: we are in constant movement with them. "Shaman's Journey" is Robert's experience in these worlds; a relationship with Distant Time, Dreaming, and the Unconscious Mind. Journey with the music. Allow yourself to step back in time, through each song - through each experience. Listen to what you can discover: this may be a piece of your puzzle.


Winds of Devotion - R Carlos Nakai & Nawang Khechog

From opposite sides of the world, two rich traditions in healing music meet in one beautiful album: Winds of Devotion. Acclaimed Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai and Tibetan flute virtuoso Nawang Khechog come together in a cross-continental prayer for compassion, wisdom, healing, and universal love. These Grammy®-nominated artists offer you four peaceful and uplifting compositions of healing music that express their shared reverence for the divine spirit.
Nakai and Khechog share a harmonious rapport based on common dedication to the meditative path of music. Their flutes resonate with ancient indigenous sounds that spark a deep remembrance in the heart of the modern listener. Blending sacred chant, prayer, and the timeless beauty of the wooden flute, Winds of Devotion is an unforgettable experience from two masters of ancient healing music. Ideal for meditation, massage, body work, tai chi, or yoga. Features vocals by Chris White, with David Darling on cello, Wade Mathews on bass, and Geoffrey Gordon on percussion. Produced and arranged by Peter Kater.

Legacy - Robert Turgeon

Native American flute music. A ten year compilation of Native/World music. Consisting of vocables and flute, nature sounds, birds, wind, drums. Haunting, healing, soulful. Grammy quality.