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Irish Flutes








Our Celtic Flutes, Irish Flutes, Classical Flutes - whatever you choose to call them, are modeled after the best hand-crafted English flutes played by Charles Nicholson or R.S. Pratten in the early 19th century, and today are highly prized by players of Irish Music. These "Irish" models are preferred for jigs, reels, and other Irish and Contra Dance music. Larger tone holes and different bore provide greater power and superb intonation in the most-used keys of D, G, and A. The lower register is especially full bodied. End plug and sterling silver rings are featured on rosewood models; turned wood rings on others. Keyless Flute in 2 sections, with silver rings, without case.

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Irish Flutes
KeyMapleRosewood (with silver rings)Blackwood (with silver rings)
Low C NA