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Sunreed Instruments' Didgeridoos for sale. Wide selection of high quality Authentic Aboriginal,  Painted Bamboo, Agave, Modern, Box,  Didgeridoo music, and Didgeridoo Accessories!  High Quality hand-made Didgeridoos and low prices!

The didgeridoo (also: didgeridu, yidaki) is an Australian Aboriginal instrument used musically, in ceremony, and in ritual. Myths and legends abound about the didgeridoo and its relationship to the creation of the world in Aboriginal cultures. There is evidence it may have a history of over 40,000 years. Traditionally made from a eucalyptus tree which has been hollowed out from termites, it is often today made from bamboo and other materials. It is played like a bass horn, giving off a deep, resonant drone sound, unlike any instrument you are likely to have heard.