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Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls

Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl
Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

Our Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are excellent tools for sound healing and therapies, proven to be deeply relaxing, and even used in medical clinics for this reason. These healing crystal bowls are made from over 99.9 percent pure quartz crystal, a naturally occurring element, which has excellent resonant qualities. The crystal is placed in a mold and heated up to 4000 degrees. While similar to glass, they are comprised of a much higher pure quartz substance. They give an excellent, rich tone when struck (like a bell,) or ‘sung’ (rubbing the side of the bowl with a special striker, also, called a wand, or mallet.) Because our bodies are also composed of a crystalline structure, using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls for healing and meditation allows us to respond favorably to the sound as therapy.

Frosted Crystal Bowls include a rubber O ring and a suede mallet.

Click on any link to pick bowls by size, pitch, chakra, or price.  We do our best to keep all bowls listed accurately, but price and availability may change without notice.  (We will contact you before charging or processing an order if not just as listed.)  We often have bowls not listed, so you can also contact us if you do not see what you like, as well as consult with our specialist, Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, about the best choices for your needs.

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