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Standard Chakra Sets of Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Chakra Set: Crystal Singing Bowls
Chakra Set: Crystal Singing Bowls

Chakra systemChakra Sets of Crystal Singing Bowls....there are seven musical notes that correspond to the seven colors of the rainbow, and these are related to the seven main Chakras. The Chakras are subtle energy channels in our subtle energy body, and, are related to different aspects of our consciousness, and spiritual evolution.  They each resonate in a different resonant frequency. The pure tones of crystal bowls produce a vibrational sound field which match, and therefore can harmonize the subtle body's energy centers (Chakras) and, according to esoteric and holistic wisdom, the corresponding physical areas and organ systems and endocrine glands. The Crystal Bowls act directly on our chakras, facilitating balance, heightened states of consciousness, and  healing, in the Chakras, and these corresponding areas.  We offer the complete set of all 7 notes in the 7 bowl chakra set, as well as 5 bowl sets, and the 12 "Power Center" bowl sets.  Each set includes an O ring and suede mallet for each bowl.  You can request rubber ball strikers (there may be a slight add'l charge.) 

We offer Full Chakra sets in 432 Hz., Solfeggio, and Perfect Pitch Standard Tuning (440 Hz, withn 10 cents), for an additional fee.  Please ask us if you do not see them!  We will help with clear assistance in your selection and needs for each type of bowl with our expert experience, including decades of therapeutic use and education in this field!!  

We also can recommend for you, smaller sets of rich harmonics, such as 3rds, perfect 5ths, and octaves, without purchasing a full chakra set.  These harmonics are known to stimulate deep states of relaxation and de-stressing, allowing the body/mind's natural healing processes to more easily occur.

Please contact us for details....admin@sunreed.com



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Standard Chakra Sets of Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
NameSizes of BowlsPrice of Chakra Set
Premium Large Chakra SetFrom 8" to 18"
Medium Chakra SetFrom 8" - 16"
Small Chakra SetFrom 8" to 14"