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Crystal Singing Bowls

Excellent Sound Healing Tools, the pure quartz crystal singing bowls come in many types, sizes, and pitches.  Feel free to contact us to help with your selection.  But you can view our Traditional Frosted  Crystal Singing Bowls, Clear Handle Bowls, standard 440 Hz and 432 Hz Chakra Set of Crystal Bowls, and more.  These are used for sound healing work, chanting, meditation, sounding, as well as musical accompaniment.   The pure nature of quartz crystal gives a rich, resonant tone.  This is made by striking gently or rubbing them with the accompanying striker or mallet. The tones move through our body in vibrant waves, calming, aligning, and healing our energy centers. Excellent, growing medical research is validating the powerful use of these bowls in relaxing, balancing and restoring the human body, mind and spirit.

The Nature of the Bowls... Crystal bowls have been used in healing modalities since the 1980's. While some people speculate on the use of crystal singing bowls in ancient cultures, There is no direct evidence of their use. However, interestingly enough, in a merger of new and ancient technologies, the computer industry made very high quality, pure silicon quartz crystal bowls utilized to grow pure silicon chips for their computers. If the bowls were not precise enough, they were thrown out. Apparently someone on the way to the trash bin discovered they have incredible pure sounds, also, and decided to stop discarding them! This birthed the singing crystal bowl industry. Since this time, they have become a vehicle of enormous potential for those working with sounds in both ancient and new healing technologies. Much like the ancient Tibetan Bowls, the crystal bowls can be used as sound healing tools. Coupling awareness and intent in their use can demonstrably increase their effectiveness. By simply listening to the rich, pure, vibrant tone of a bowl, most sound recipients find them deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, even stirring of deep emotions and states of well being. By utilizing awareness techniques, a practitioner can guide the recipient into states of clarity, balancing of chakra centers, and much more. They can be used to transport the recipient into deep meditative states, even shamanic journeys into other dimensional states, or, realms of wisdom and understanding.

Sunreed offers 5 different types of Crystal Singing Bowls: 1)The Pure Crystal Frosted Singing Bowls are the oldest type of Crystal Singing Bowls. These were invented by the computer industry to grow silicon chips used in computers, and were discovered to have extraordinary sound qualities. They are said to be made of 99.9% pure silicon crystal. While similar to glass, they are comprised of a much higher pure quartz substance. They give an excellent, rich tone when struck (like a bell,) or ‘sung’ (rubbing the side of the bowl with a special striker, also, called a wand, or mallet.) These are an excellent choice for first time players. They are played on a table top or floor surface, so easy to use. 2)Clear Crystal Singing Bowls The Clear Crystal Singing bowls were the next evolution of bowls manufactured, fusing elements of high quality clear glass into the quartz crystal. The Clear Bowls are completely clear with a higher concentration of pure quartz. The clear crystal singing bowls weigh less than the Frosted, and can emit a deeper resonance in smaller bowls than the Frosted series of Bowls. 3)Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Handle Bowls Kalinski (Crystal embedded Handle Bowls,) and Solid Handle Bowls The Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Handle Bowls are, fundamentally, a Clear Bowl, with a handle fused onto it. The Handle Bowls, also lighter than the Frosted Bowls, are easier to maneuver, and provide a deeper, richer voice than the same size of Frosted Bowls. These are excellent for maneuvering and directing the energy and sounds emitted from the Bowls, such as practitioners might use with clients, or for work with sound therapies for oneself. The tones of the bowls, will last longer when struck, than the tones of the Frosted Bowls, because of the lighter density of these Bowls. We recommend the Solid Handle Bowls. You will find far more choice and selection in the range of pitch and chakras available in these bowls, with the same quality of voice and energy as any other Handle Bowl. The Kalinski Bowls (special order....contact info@sunreed.com) have a hollow handle, which is filled with clear quartz, which have been painted or dyed different colors to match the chakra the pitch of each bowl represents (see How to Select by Chakra or Pitch.) The Solid Handle Bowls are constructed with a solid quartz/glass handle. 4)Colored Bowls This new combination merges the sound of a pure crystal bowl with a Chakra color coating. The coating is on the glass inside the bowl. Our bowls have a unique subtle beauty and are constructed of only the finest crystal quartz. 5)Chakra SetsWe offer full Chakra sets of the Frosted bowls: 7 bowls, 7 tones, various sizes; one for each chakra(energy center). Excellent for balancing and healing.  

We also offer Crystal Bowl Carrying Cases for all sizes crystal bowls and handle bowls.